31 March 2022 Sensory Science Update (online)

Exchange of expert knowledge about coffee sensory

Inspiring and worthwhile: 130 coffee experts and enthusiasts from 65 companies were part of the online conference “Sensory Science Update”.

Their aim: Expanding their knowledge about this many-faceted field. In this context, seven lectures offered seven insights into the latest findings and studies about the sensory perception of coffee.

We would like to thank the eight lecturers for their profound input and our participants for the positive response and feedback.


Pictures of the event

Our speaker`s presentations

  1. Prof. Dr. Jessica Freiherr (Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV)

    Prof. Dr. Jessica Freiherr (Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV)

    “Multisensory perception of coffee”

    • How do people perceive coffee in its sensory entirety?
    • What physiological reactions to the smells of coffee can be measured?
    • Does the smell of coffee alone make us more attentive and concentrated?
  2. Timo Keimer (HEMRO GROUP)

    Timo Keimer (HEMRO GROUP)

    “The sensory relevance of grinding technology”

    • Why is coffee grinding important for taste?
    • How does burr geometry influence grinding and taste?
    • Can you design burrs for taste?
  3. Alan Lama (Brita Group)

    Alan Lama (Brita Group)

    “Why water can make or break your coffee”

    • Explaining the three main sensory dimensions of water.
    • The impact of hard water on coffee flavor.
    • Reasons why a balanced mineralization composition enhance the flavor of coffee.
  4. Dr. Samo Smrke (ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management)

    Dr. Samo Smrke (ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management)

    “Online coffee learning with practical assessment: A study of roast defects and staling of coffee”

  5. Joachim Kühne (SCA Germany)

    Joachim Kühne (SCA Germany)

    “The New Wave in Specialty Coffee and its Implications on the SCA Sensory Cupping Protocol”

  6. Dr. Christopher T. Simons (Ohio State University)

    Dr. Christopher T. Simons (Ohio State University)

    “Sensory and Chemical Underpinnings of Coffee Body”

    • What sensory sub-qualities contribute to coffee body?
    • Why might small molecules found in coffee contribute to these sub-qualities?
    • What compounds have been identified that contribute to these sub-qualities?
  7. Felipe Ayerbe & William Vinck (Demetria)

    Felipe Ayerbe & William Vinck (Demetria)

    “Will AI enabled prediction of sensory quality in green coffee beans catalyze a digital revolution in Coffee?”

    • Demetria technology: how it works, case studies.
    • Our vision for the industry, the impact of full digital transparency and quality measurement and management.
    • Critical issues addressed.
    • How they are solved through Demetria solutions.
    • Where are we in the voyage and how can you participate?